Martin Bachmann / Monique Vogel
Research of the Bachmann group has been dominated by the question how immune responses are regulated and how innate immune responses influence adaptive immunity. Viruses, virus-like particles and bacteria have been used to probe the protective capacity of the induced immune responses. Key problems that have been addressed are how optimal T and B cell responses are induced and maintained and how they are influenced by tolllike receptor stimulation. Understanding the cellular networks of the immune system is of significant medical interest since i) prophylactic vaccines, which are the most effective medical intervention known to date, are based on the induction of long-lived immune responses and ii) a deregulated immune system is the underlying cause of many chronic diseases and autoimmunity.
In the last 10 years, we have taken the basic research performed in mice one step further and several clinical trials have been performed or are now ongoing. Clinical proof of concept has been obtained in 5 different indications (smoking cessation, allergy, asthma, hypertension and influenza virus). Our research will focus on applied research, translating fundamental research into novel medicines. With the unique experience of Monique Vogel, an important pillar of our research activities will be in the field of allergy, where we will study again basic and applied aspects of IgE regulation and mast cell biology. (